What I’ve Been Reading

I haven’t abandoned blogging, I’m still here. Life has just gotten crazy even though I love to write every day and I should write every day (well, that’s what all the writing books say, anyway). I have so much to say but if I don’t have the time to craft it and say it intelligently there probably isn’t a lot of point in writing it.

When we evacuated for Hurricane Isaac, I actually read some fiction, furthermore it was Christian fiction. It was one of those rare Christian fiction books that I actually enjoyed, and I think that might be because I could related to it. The book is called “When Sparrows Fall” by Meg Moseley. It it is about a woman with six children whose husband died and the woman is trapped in fundamentalism but wants a way out. Through life circumstances, she is given a way out, if she can recognize it and is brave enough to take it. I think the author captured some of the struggles of leaving fundamentalism very well.

My complaint with a lot of fiction, but Christian fiction in particular, is that it is shallow and that it ends abruptly. I also read “Angel Song” by Sheila Walsh and Kathryn Cushman, and it had a really good and fairly engaging story line. However, it’s a huge let-down to go through so much conflict, to have a relatively good climax, just to have the resolution shoved in at the end in one chapter, ending abruptly as if the author ran out over her word count and had to hurry to finish it. In fact, it didn’t even really seem like an ending to me, I read the final word and flipped the page, expecting to start the next chapter, when all I saw were the acknowledgements. I felt like the story was left unfinished. The story was unique though in incorporating angels, and I think she did that quite well. I believe in angels, I’m just not quite sure what I believe about them, but this book at least presented plausible theories.

I’m currently reading “Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus” by Lois Tverberg, and so far this book has been amazing. The book focuses on the Jewishness of Jesus. She takes some of the words of Jesus and adds the cultural Jewish background and it adds so much depth to Jesus’ words, I feel like I will know him better after reading this book.

I’m also currently reading “The Audacity of Hope” by Barack Obama. The more I read of his thoughts, the more I like the man. This is currently the book I have stashed in my purse for when I’m sitting in a waiting room or something of that nature.

I just finished “Blue Like Jazz” by Donald Miller, and that I have to say that book was amazing and now I just have to watch the movie! Basically the book is about living a Christian life in a totally non-religious or even anti-religious environment, doing so encourages a different kind of growth where hypocrisy just isn’t tolerated and will be called it.

All of this is just my non school related reading! In the next few days I plan to post about some great children’s books, all of which I have gotten at the thrift store.


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