Ten (Plus a Bonus 5) Good Things About This Week

So today I just want to list ten awesome things about this week (particularly to prove to my friends and to myself that I’m not negative about *everything* and to perhaps start a new pattern).

1. My little girl looks totally amazing in a cute shirt and jeans.

2. I have the most beautiful little boys on the face of the planet.

3. My husband has a scar that I told him qualifies him to be Harry Potter for Halloween; I love the scar because it means he’s alive. I might get annoyed with him sometimes but I’m not ready to lose him.

4. I love stores that have lay-away. It means I can put stuff on lay-away on pay-day and therefore payments are scheduled for next pay-day and it means I can pay stuff off BEFORE I get it.

5. I’m learning to accessorize…I thought the day would never come. I decided to simplify and stick to wearing a few colors that I love and that look good on me, purple, black and silver. I do buy things in other colors but not a whole lot. Makes accessorizing and matching easier, and I look great.

6. My sisters are going to be here from Australia for Thanksgiving.

7. I have started working on writing a book, which means a lot to me.

8. I’ve gotten to read some really good material this week (like “For the Beauty of the Church” by W. David O. Taylor, and “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft” by Stephen King, and my Message Bible that some friends bought me for my birthday).

9. I am thankful right now that I live in town. It means that I can walk places when I don’t have a car.

10. I am enjoying walking places, it slows the pace of life down, gives me time to think and pray, and I’m assuming that if I continue to walk more places even after we get a car, then I will get cute, sexy legs. :p

11. The bank refused to finance another loan for a car even though they have to (according to their rules), which means they are forcing us to buy a car in cash. Buying a car in cash means no payments, yay!

12. I just made it through my most intense semester yet in college and my grades are looking good!

13. Taking only one college course this next semester means more time to read and study the things I want to read and study, and it means more time to work on my book!

14. I have a job where I have to dress up. I enjoy dressing up, it makes me feel more confident. I don’t know why, but hey, it works so I’ll take it.

15.I love Prozac. That stuff is amazing. 🙂 So thankful for people who can develop medicines for those of us that need a little extra help.

The ten awesome things ended up being fifteen awesome things. So that means I found five extra things that were great about this week, so I’m going to keep them on the list even though that made it more than ten.

I hope you enjoyed this list, I’m actually thinking of making it a regular Friday feature. My friends are right, I do tend to be negative, but I’m sure I can find ten things about every week that are good. 

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