Eight Years

I have finally reached the final year of my three year undergraduate degree. It has taken me eight years, and at first I regretted not finishing my degree right away, but now I’m actually glad that it took this long, because I went through so much growth doing it this way. I first started my degree in 2004, while still a fundamentalist; actually I was actually getting to the peak of my fundamentalism. The main reason that I dropped out after a pretty good first semester was that the fundamentalists told me that studying sociology and psychology was wicked and that I would start to doubt the Bible if I studied those subjects because sociology and psychology were worldly wisdom designed to tear the Bible down. Well, I believed them, for a while at any rate.

The problem was that I longed to learn, I longed to be educated, and in the end, my longings won out. The fundamentalists would say that I allowed my flesh to win, but what really happened is that I finally realized that learning was a wonderful thing, and that sociology and psychology actually complemented the Bible, and that it was ok for a woman to be educated. Last year I finally felt free to pursue finishing my degree. A year from now, I will be a graduate of Central Queensland University, and will hopefully be working on a master’s degree.

When I first resumed my studies, I chose to major in sociology and psychology like I had originally chosen. But I soon realized that God had something far more exciting for me, and I switched my majors to sociology and writing. I have chosen my elective classes very carefully, and I have learned what my strengths are, and what my weaknesses are, and I have learned to develop new skills. I have studied enough now to know that I have interests in particular fields. It’s now time for me to start working on some research projects in my topics of interest, in preparation for studying a master’s degree.

This semester I will be undertaking the first of those research projects. I’m really excited about it. I will probably have a whole lot more to say about it on this blog once the details are all worked out. 

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