I recently got inked, which means that my skin is no longer a virgin when it comes to tattoos. They tell me that tattoos are addictive; however, I have no immediate plans for any more, and am not coming up with a reason for any more. If, however, I do come up with something else that is significant enough to me that I want it permanently etched into my body, then at that time I will do it again. But it would have to be good; it would have to be really good. I love my tattoo, it means a lot to me and somehow I think that if any of the trivial things in my life were going to mean anything to God, my bet is that this tattoo would be one of the things he cared about.

The more studying that I do in the area of communications; the more I realize how important symbols are to our culture. After all, you don’t have to see the word “McDonalds” to know that you are nearing a McDonalds, all you need to see is the huge yellow “M” and you automatically associate it with McDonalds. We don’t need to see an iPhone with “Apple” written across it to know it’s an Apple product, or to recognize it as an iPhone, all you need to see is the apple with the bite taken out of it and you just know. That’s the power of symbols and icons in our culture.

So, on the inside of my left wrist, if you were to look, you would see the word “grace” and the date 03.03.08. It’s a simple tattoo that just means so much to me. You see, on March 3rd, 2008, I became a Christian. I was nine days short of my 23rd birthday. I had grown up in church, grown up knowing about God, and grown up in a Christian family. But I never truly understood salvation until that day, the day that I accepted Jesus, and realized that this whole salvation deal wasn’t about me, it was about him. There was absolutely nothing that I could do, including praying a formulaic prayer, which would make me right before God. The only “thing” that could make me right with God was his son, Jesus.

For me my tattoo is a symbol, a tangible reminder of the power of Jesus to change a life. The tattoo is on my left wrist for a reason. The reason is that I used to cut myself there, and once tried to kill myself by cutting there. It’s a reminder to me not only that Jesus can change a life, but that Jesus IS life. I’m a new person now, a person who is alive and wants to live and who will live forever. I like to think that the day I got that tattoo, God looked down from heaven and he smiled. 

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