MLM Part 2

After I got my Jamberry materials and realized that I was uncomfortable selling a product that didn’t fill any actual need, I freaked out and tried harder to sell some wraps in order to make back the money that I spent on my starter kit. This made me feel like I was doing something immoral (and I probably was) but as a single mom whose life has been turned upside down, I was desperate to make back the money I spent. That doesn’t make trying to sell enough products I didn’t believe in in order to reimburse myself for a starter kit the right thing to do. I should have just taken the hit in the first place and be done with it. But I didn’t want to quit trying to sell the wraps if this ended up being something that worked for me. However honesty and integrity are values that I am working on right now in my life and in the end I decided that this was the perfect way to test those values.

So I ended up completely shutting down the business having made no money and actually losing some. I felt like I had been cheated even though I hadn’t been forced to sign up, because there was so much stuff that I wasn’t told in the beginning, and that wasn’t my recruiters fault either. People trying to recruit can be pretty persuasive, but I can’t fault that because I write to be persuasive, so it’s not the persuasiveness necessarily that is the problem, but with some MLM companies in particular, the persuasiveness is outright lying. A few days ago I put up a Facebook status asking about which the best essential oils company out of two competing companies was, not because I wanted to sell the oils but because I wanted to sign up as a hobbyist to get the discount. During that discussion there were several concerns that were raised about the two companies and some of the answers to the concerns were less than satisfying and some were downright dishonest in my opinion.

Another thing that was interesting in the essential oils MLM discussion and other research that I did was the fierce defending of one company over another especially over what appeared to be an ethical breach. When genuine questions or concerns were brought up about the apparent ethical breaches, people all over the internet were quick to try to cover up the situation or pass on far-fetched answers in order to justify why their company was the best. I know that rivalry happens in the business world, but some of the stuff I saw around the internet concerning these companies was downright offensive and vindictive, and that is a problem for me.

Somehow I don’t think the fighting and that nastiness is really beneficial in any way, even in the promotion of products, and it forgets that people are individuals with feelings made in the image of God and that perhaps it would be better to not speak to each other in those ways. Not that I can really harp on about that particular subject, but I am trying hard in my interactions with other people that they are created in the image of God even if they make me mad and that I am to treat them with respect. I am not perfect at it but a very long shot but I am making a conscious effort to change the way I interact with others. 

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