MLM Part 3

Every time I was ever involved in any kind of MLM company, I always felt guilty sharing the products and the opportunity with people that I felt were friends, because I wanted great relationships with my friends and didn’t want to use them to make money. The difference would be if it was a product that the friend wanted and would benefit from. I also felt uncomfortable bringing any promotional materials, catalogues, samples or orders to church with me, and I did do it sometimes and I always thought of the story of Jesus throwing the moneychangers out of the temple every time I did bring something MLM related to church, or even if people who already got their orders handed me a check. I’m not saying that buying and selling stuff to people that we go to church with is wrong, or that doing so at church is wrong, but for me it made me feel uncomfortable enough that it ended up being wrong for me.

Needless to say that during the several years that I have been involved in a few different MLM schemes, I have done things that I look back on and regret in a pretty big way. This doesn’t mean that MLM companies are bad, although I do have some serious concerns about many of them that I have looked into, but for me it is not something I want to do anymore because it doesn’t fit with my belief system.

I also think that MLM companies prey on women; particularly stay at home mothers, and that they can be a trap that women fall into because they don’t see any other way of making income at the present time. From the research I have done and the things I have been involved with it does seem like the amount of Christian women involved in such companies is higher than secular women. This could be a problem because there are certain segments of fundamentalist and evangelical Christianity that teach that women have to stay at home and not work a regular job and some even discourage women from pursuing higher education, which is why I think that MLM’s can appeal to Christian women in particular. There are also some MLM companies which specifically claim to be Christian companies, and I have the same issues with those as I do the regular MLM’s.

The long and the short of it for my experience is that God created me to write, not to recruit people to sell the latest product that happens to be fashionable at the time. I have learned very specifically that I have neither the patience nor the right marketing skills to be involved in these kinds of companies, and I favor the truth (even if it appears to be negative) and my own personal beliefs over selling products. That and I’m terrible at marketing, which is a shame for someone who is pretty savvy with communications and who is writing a book. I might need to work on my marketing skills some more. 

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