LGBT – Part 1

I have to confess right from the start that I’m in a unique position about my opinions on LGBT issues, and I’m a person that wants desperately to fit in somewhere and be liked, and, knowing that people on all sides of LGBT issues would dislike my opinions, I have been hesitant to write about them. I want you to like me, I want to be popular, I want to have influence. I want to write with passion and I want to be understood and to be influential and to have people out there who just can’t wait for the next thing that I have to write. But all that would be useless if I don’t even be honest about my beliefs, or try to line them up with someone else’s beliefs just so that I will be liked. I’ve spent my whole life doing that and it’s been a waste of time and it’s also been a lie. And because of how often I’ve lived a lie, and had a past reputation for lying, I’ve committed to be as honest as possible about things, even if people won’t like it.

I doubt that I will win any friends here as like I said, I believe things about LGBT issues that will make me unpopular all around. But I also have a unique perspective to offer as someone who majored in sociology and writing in college (in my B.A. program I was required to choose two majors), someone who identifies as bisexual and Christian, but who is committed to dating men, I think I understand the issues from more perspectives than other people may be blessed (or cursed) to have. My book “The Girl With the Grace Tattoo” that I am working on has a chapter that covers LGBT issues from my perspective as a person who fits into that category and feels that I was born that way, and yet believes that it would be sin for me to be in a same sex relationship.

The thing that is going to make me unpopular with the evangelical crowd is that I totally believe that people are born gay. The thing that is going to make me unpopular with the progressive or liberal crowd which I tend to feel I fit into more than the evangelical crowd is that I believe that just because I was born with a tendency to desire intimate relationships with either men or women and have in the past had both, doesn’t mean that I should act upon it, because to act upon it would be sin. Basically, it’s not a sin for me to be who I am, and to recognize who I am. It would be sin for me as a woman to have an intimate relationship with a woman.

And what bothers me the most is that I’m not necessarily comfortable with my beliefs on the  matter, but I’m trying to remain faithful to God which I am not really very good at. For those of you who are willing, please hang out with me as I explore this issue in a series of posts, because this is not even scratching the surface. 

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