Fifteen Things I Appreciate About the Episcopal Church


When I ordered the Book of Common Prayer off of Amazon, I did so because I thought it was a book full of prayers. I had no idea that it contained the liturgy for the Episcopal Church. I was disappointed and I almost returned it, except that the liturgy seemed beautiful and I realized this was part of what my soul had been craving. There are a lot of things that I am growing to appreciate about the Episcopal Church that I recognize even as someone totally new to this.

  1. The main themes in the Episcopal Church appear to be grace and peace.
  2. The Episcopal Church ordains women and LGBT people as priests, recognizing that everyone is equal in the eyes of God.
  3. I love the focus on community and the fact that worship is a communal event. We pray together as one, we recite creeds together, we partake of communion together from a communal cup, kneeling at the altar beside each other as equals.
  4. I love partaking of the body and blood of Christ in the Eucharist.
  5. The Episcopal Church is tolerant of a wide range of beliefs. It seems that if one believes the Nicene Creed, everything else is open to interpretation. Questions and doubts are totally acceptable.
  6. The Episcopal Church doesn’t tell me what to wear and values my individuality. I haven’t come across any modesty police yet.
  7. Sacraments.
  8. I like the structure and the ritual of Episcopal mass.
  9. It’s nice to finally be in a church where I am accepted as an equal rather than as a second class citizen because I’m a woman and I’m bisexual.
  10. I appreciate the fact that I am re-learning faith and that right now I don’t know a lot and sometimes I feel uncomfortable but being uncomfortable is often a good thing.
  11. The Book of Common Prayer.
  12. Reconciliation of a Penitent (confession). It’s a beautiful sacrament and I really like being assured of God’s forgiveness and being offered absolution.
  13. The Episcopal Church is a safe place to question faith without being written off as rebellious.
  14. The liturgy is beautiful.
  15. I love how much Scripture is read in the services and it’s awesome to know that other people all over the world are reading the same passages as we are, it’s that whole community thing at play again.

I really appreciate the Episcopal Church. I’m so very thankful that God lead me there.


One thought on “Fifteen Things I Appreciate About the Episcopal Church

  1. Katy-Anne, see, even though we seem to totally disagree on politics, I agree and appreciate the same 15 things about our church that you do!!! I’m so very glad that you and your children are a part of the CECS family!!!

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