Praying the Anglican Rosary

sorrow bw

Ash Wednesday was a huge event for me. My book, The Girl with the Grace Tattoo, released on that day. It was my first Ash Wednesday after two years of observing Lent alone, that I finally got those ashes I had craved, and that same day was the day that I was gifted with a gorgeous set of Anglican prayer beads. I find it so appropriate considering my spiritual journey, that I was given the rosary on Ash Wednesday. It’s really cool that I got them on the first day of Lent and have been able to use them ever since. Basically, praying with the rosary has started as a Lenten discipline for me. It’s in those little co-incidences that I realize that God really does care and God is paying attention to me, knowing how significant it would be for me to receive them on that particular day.

With all the stuff that had happened, I was having a lot of trouble with prayer and it seemed like my prayers consisted more of angry tirades rather than anything useful. The rosary has helped me to focus my prayers, and using it means that I’m actually praying in some place in addition to church. The repetitive nature of the rosary prayers helps me to go to bed with my mind fully focused on God. Feeling the beads adds another sensory element to prayers and therefore more of my body engaged in the act of worship. Submitting both my mind and my body to Christ in prayer is amazing, for me it’s also an entirely different trust level, it’s a huge step in my relationship with God.

The Anglican rosary has been such a positive thing for me; I’d been taught that things such as prayer beads and repeating the same prayer over and over were “vain repetitions”, in other words, they didn’t mean anything. But for me, using the rosary has been very meaningful, it has helped along my relationship with God in ways that I never would have imagined. It keeps my mind on God and it keeps me focused on the prayers instead of having my thoughts run to so many other different things, such as my to-do list, what I’m making for breakfast, or what clothing items I need to buy for what child. Of course it’s not a lucky charm but for me, working with the beads and adding that sensory element is just so beneficial.

In the end, anything that helps rather than hinders a relationship with God is a good thing. For me, the rosary beads have been one of the helpful things.


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