Church Clothes


When I was attending a large evangelical church with praise bands (nothing wrong with them) that was ultra-modern, I wore what I liked to church.These days, although I respect other people’s feelings and would never tell them how to dress for church, I choose to wear the best that I have. Sometimes I’m tempted to wear something just because it shows off my tattoos, or some other frivolous reason like that, but I try not to do that at church anymore.

The reason that I now wear the best that I have to church is because when I go to church, I’m receiving a sacrament. I’m partaking of a holy meal in community with others and I’m partaking of the body and blood of Jesus Christ. That’s a pretty big deal. I wear my best because Jesus gave his everything when he shed his blood and allowed his flesh to be mutilated, so that 2000 years later I could eat and drink so that I would never hunger or thirst again. I don’t understand the people who don’t come to church as often as they can because for me, that holy meal is important, it keeps me growing and nourished which is the designated function of food and drink.

I’m a little eclectic in my clothing style just like I am with everything else, but I still wear the best that I have. I might wear dark (gothic) earrings and jewelry, because God created me with this style, but I still wear the best of all that. I try to care about what I wear to church even when I am depressed. When I’m depressed I tend to not care what I wear and usually that means wearing my worst, but I work really hard not to do that at church, because I want to respect the sacrament that I’m partaking of. It’s part of preparing my heart for worship; the clothing that I wear is part of my worship.

For me I wear my best not only because I respect the sacrament, but also because I’m in awe of it, of the fact that Jesus would allow us to continue to partake of his body and blood to give us spiritual food. When I kneel at the altar rail and cup my hands to receive the sacrament, I’m so thankful that I have the privilege of being able to have it. When I kneel at the altar, I’m on holy ground (which means it’s ok if I’m not wearing my shoes because Moses took his shoes off on holy ground…hahahaha) and I want to make sure I’m dressed appropriately for that holy ground and that holy meal.¬†Partaking of the Eucharist is a gift from God, for me I respect that gift enough to make the effort to wear my best clothes. The Eucharist is sacred, I choose to dress like it is sacred.


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