Graduate School


I know I haven’t written on here in a good long while, it’s because I was going through the process of applying to graduate school. I was accepted and I’ve started my Master of Arts in English and Creative Writing (Non-Fiction) through Southern New Hampshire University. I’m so excited but at the same time it’s intense and to be honest this semester’s class is a little boring. But I have to get through the boring ones in order to get to the interesting ones, and so here I am.

This means that as well as getting posts about being Episcopalian, you’ll now also get posts about graduate school. I’m so thankful for the chance to go to college both in getting my bachelors degree and now for my masters. I don’t think I ever would have left fundamentalism if it weren’t for college which I know makes the case to fundamentalists that they shouldn’t let their kids go to college and that is a common line of thought in fundamentalism for precisely that reason.

My very first semester of college I had a sociology professor who challenged everything that I held dear. While I’m thankful for it today it was a very frustrating first semester and I barely passed his class, and I wouldn’t have without my college mentor. It would be years before I returned to college but the lessons he taught me stayed with me and when I was in a position that I could see more clearly, I remembered those lessons. Sometimes things that are worthwhile take years: things like college, masters degrees and leaving fundamentalism.

This semester’s class is called “Studying the Craft” and it’s about stylistics in creative writing. Like I said not really my cup of tea but it’s a required class so here I am doing it. It will still cause growth in me I am sure like every other college class I’ve taken. I learned so many things about life in my bachelors degree program and I know the masters program will be the same. Already I have wanted to quit and have told myself I’m just not graduate school material, but I’m persevering into week 2. I don’t know if these are feelings that all graduate students get or just me, but I’ll be here doing my homework, taking one week at a time until it’s done.