The Opposite of Love Is Shame: Intermission

I plan on continuing my “The Opposite of Love is Shame” series, but I have other things that I also want to write. And as important as the message of those posts is, I’ve come up against the shame monster again recently and have some more things to process. Without having the understanding that Jesus loves me, and being confident in that now, this shame would be overwhelming. I’m getting back on the 12-step recovery wagon, but I have a better understanding of it and a better focus this time.

The series will continue here and there, and I still hope to keep the twice a week posting schedule. I have several other series as well as individual posts planned. I’ve also been tweaking my brand some and I can’t wait to share that with you when it is done! I’m going to be focusing mostly on the intersection of both the monstrous and the sacred, both in my personal writing and my academic work. I’ve been writing some short stories that I would put in the psychological horror category. They are dark, but real. I’ve found that I really relate to horror and the monstrous and that it contains much spiritual truth for me. I hope I can pass on my passion to you!

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