Seeing in the Dark

In the beginning was God,
And shortly thereafter came the monsters.
But God has always been there.
When the terror first came,
When I was an infant,
God was there.
When the monsters were my only friends,
God was there.

God is love.
I have always loved God,
I have always craved God’s love,
Without realizing that God already loved me.
I spent my life with the monsters,
In the darkness,
Not knowing that before God created light,
There was only darkness.

And as the light began to penetrate my darkness
Beauty emerged instead of the Beast.
The light made me uncomfortable
Because I had only known darkness.
The horror, the terror,
Just me and my monsters.
But my monsters were my friends.
I was intimately acquainted with the monsters.

The light of God shone in
To my dark, protective castle
And the strong walls I had built
To keep out God and everybody else
Because I was used to just me and my monsters
The light told me that God loved me
And as the walls of the castle I had built began to crumble
The more the light came in.

And the more the light came in,
My monsters began to scatter,
Because they too were not used to the light
And did not want to be exposed.
But they had been my constant companions
And I did not know what to do without them.
But as they scattered
The light of God shone brighter.

The light began to overtake the darkness
Because light will always win against darkness.
And as the light came through those carefully constructed walls
I finally realized
God loves me.
God has always loved me.
But I have never been good
At seeing in the dark

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