Beauty and the Beast Isn’t Just a Disney Movie

The beast
Had always been there
To keep me company
To feed me lies
To forge in me
A false identity

That I was filthy
That I was disgusting
That I was an abomination
To the very God who created me
That I had spit
In the very face of God

They told me I was vile
That I deserved
To fry for eternity
The beast
and it’s minions
Scared the hell into me

One day a priest
A woman of God
Looked into my eyes
And spoke words of life
Deep into my soul
“God loves you”

“It’s the very foundational truth
Of Christianity
And you don’t believe it
And I will keep telling you
Every time I see you
Until you believe”

Deep inside I knew
That if I could
Ever truly believe
That God loves me
It would change my life
I would be converted

Believing the truth
That God created me
That God loves me
Because the truth is
God is love

From that moment
The moment I truly believed
My life
Was forever changed
And now that I’m converted
I can be transformed

The beast
Had always been there
But the beauty has come
Beauty and the Beast
Is real life
And not just a Disney movie

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