(This poem is part of a series about what home means)

Is the fucking
promised land
According to
The fundamentalists
But instead of
With milk
And honey

It overflows
With “good” (horny)
Fundamentalist men
For their pure virgins
So they can screw
The first woman
That gives them

Is full of
Heathen women
Who wear
Immodest clothes
And seduce men
The church has decided
That I need a new home
In America

I visited America
A fundamentalist preacher
Wanted to keep
Me in America
And tried hard
To arrange
A marriage for me
To trap me

A year later
I went back
To America
To marry a man
The first man
That ever showed
Any interest in me
But I ended up
So alone

I suppose
That the reason
That other men
Weren’t interested
Was because
I was a lesbian
And so
In repentance
I was to marry

As soon
As possible
To the first man
To show an interest
In me
And better yet
If they could
Send me
To America

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