Whitewashed Tombs and Orange Idols

We told you in 2016 what would happen if Trump were elected president, and you said “I love you,” and “let’s agree to disagree,” and “there are good people on both sides.” Like a sucker, I believed you when you said that, despite the threat that the man was to my loved ones.

I’ll never understand why “grabbing her by the pussy,” or mocking the disabled reporter wasn’t the end of it. The thing is, you were so scared of “socialism” that you didn’t bother to consider the lives of others who are different to you, because it didn’t effect you, and you had nothing to lose. So you closed your eyes and your ears and voted for him anyway.

This treason at the Capitol is your fault, if you voted for him. He clearly showed you what kind of man he was during his first campaign. You were not willing to allow others in less privileged positions have access to healthcare, you wanted to legislate women’s bodies to keep us barefoot and pregnant, even if we were violated by rape and incest, or if having a child would kill us.

You veiled this in a cloak of godliness but denying the power. Whitewashed tombs is what comes to mind. This is what Jesus called this. You weren’t willing to see that some people were just trying to get by, doing the best we can. You saw us as moral failures so we deserved whatever happened.

You wanted to pretend being gay or transgender was a sin, because then you could ignore your own sins. You wanted to see people of color as thugs so you wouldn’t have to confront racism. You wanted to take away access to abortion because you wanted to reinforce patriarchal societal norms. You wanted to see the poor as moral failures so you didn’t have to confront your own prejudices. You demonized addicts and the mentally ill because you were lucky enough to not struggle with these illnesses.

You did this. You betrayed us, and in betraying us you betrayed yourselves. You’re scared of us, it’s not about society to you, it’s about “us vs. them.” You thought it gave you moral high ground. You thought you were better than us. Jesus says woe to the hypocrites.

Some of you still don’t see it, you still support this. You’re still telling me that you love me, which is a blatant lie. You’re still saying there are good people on both sides, when that’s obviously not true. You are still pretending that there is fault on both sides.

I’m tired of the lies. If you voted for Trump, you are the problem. You cared only for yourselves and not for anyone else. You are selfish, you love nobody but yourself and I have to wonder if you even love yourself.

You set up your earthly savior, your orange idol you built and bowed down to and worshipped. We worship different gods.

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