I’m the person that fundamentalist Christian parents warn their children about, in order to scare them into submission (a pierced, tattooed, lesbian who curses like a sailor). I am a committed Episcopalian who is not a nice church lady or good Christian woman. I am, however, a devout lover of God.

I grew up in a Christian fundamentalist cult in Australia, which makes for some interesting dinner conversations and strange looks. Thanks to St. Mary Magdalene, good friends, and a bunch of meds, diagnoses, and therapy, I’m processing my trauma and radically pursing healing.

I love vampire stories, literary analysis, the Episcopal Church, and the smell of books which is basically a fancy way of admitting that I’m a nerd. My favorite season in the liturgical calendar is Lent because it is very introspective and if you haven’t figured it out by now I’m an introvert. I doubt it comes as any surprise that I’m a Ravenclaw, know my Myers-Briggs type (INFJ, so I actually am a special snowflake), my Enneagram number (4w5), and my Winnie the Pooh character (Eeyore).

My friends describe me as deeply spiritual, a rebel, a deep thinker, intense, sensitive and creative. I believe that texts and other cultural artifacts are transformative and worthy of analysis, which is why I tend to get lost in stories.

I have a Master of Arts in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University (2018), and also earned a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) from CQUniversity in Australia (2014). I reside on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with my four children.