As my mother tells it, I did not have a stunning beginning to my writing career. Absolutely nobody could see me ever being a writer. During primary school I wrote the least descriptive stories ever, starting out with such spellbinding beginnings as “the cow was in the field.” After I progressed from cows, however, my writing became more interesting. I suppose that I should be thankful to my parents for my writing skills because I learned most of them by writing to process the trauma that they subjected me to.

The other major contributor to my writing was being a voracious reader, even though my reading list was limited to approved fundamentalist cult material. The first Harry Potter book made it’s debut when I was twelve, and in my last year of primary school, but I wasn’t allowed to read it because it contained witchcraft and the cult said witchcraft was a sin worthy of death. It was almost as bad as being gay. I suppose that the joke was on them because not only do I love Harry Potter (I’m a proud Ravenclaw by the way), but I also ended up being gay. That’s the double whammy that would have condemned my soul to hell except that I don’t believe in hell.

It was in the writing of this trauma that I began to make deep connections between things, which was likely to happen anyway seeing as I am an introvert whose favorite season on the liturgical calendar is Lent because it’s very introspective. It’s also why I get lost going places, because unless I can make a connection, I can’t figure out how to get there. It’s the same thing when it comes to math. It wasn’t good enough to tell me how to do the sum, if I didn’t understand why those steps solved that sum, then I was unable to solve it.

My favorite stories are young adult vampire stories. This is because these stories explore complex issues. There are so many themes to explore in these stories. House of Night by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast is my favorite series of vampire novels. Many of these vampire stories have heavy spiritual themes. In academia, I hope to contribute new knowledge on the subject of young adult vampire literature. When it comes to academics, I’m a “creative academic” who studies writing and literature.

My whole life I have been told that I am a rebel, a deep thinker, sensitive, and creative. A lot of the time those things were said as insults and it took me a long time to be able to embrace them happily as part of who I am. I am attracted to tools such as the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (I’m a rare gem…INFJ) and the Enneagram (where I’m a 4w5). Knowing these things can contribute to having a deeper spiritual life and when it comes down to it, I’m one of those people for whom spirituality is everything. This is why I say that texts are transformative, and it’s why I love to get lost in the world of stories.

And for the record, books also smell amazing!

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