Whitewashed Tombs and Orange Idols

We told you in 2016 what would happen if Trump were elected president, and you said “I love you,” and “let’s agree to disagree,” and “there are good people on both sides.” Like a sucker, I believed you when you said that, despite the threat that the man was to my loved ones. I’ll never... Continue Reading →

Top 8 Nonfiction Reads of 2020

I listed my favorite fiction books of 2020 in the previous post, in this post I'm going to share my favorite nonfiction books. My major in graduate school was actually nonfiction and for a long time I thought it was all I could write. It turned out that when someone cared and kicked my ass... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Fiction Reads of 2020

I decided to share what the top ten fiction books I enjoyed this year were. I also have a list of nonfiction books, the books I didn't finish for whatever reason, and the worst reads of 2020, but let's start with the positive, shall we? This year's top ten novels or novellas are: Tastes Like... Continue Reading →

Casting Aside My Fictitious Self

I want to share what is above my prayer altar, as that is almost of as much importance as what is on it on any given night. I have a large framed literary print of a Kate Chopin quote that comes from her novella The Awakening. Chopin caused quite the stir with this story as... Continue Reading →

I See You

I see you,in your miserywith a whole bunch of feelingsthat are too big to handleI can help with that,I promise.You know what?You can numb them.I know that hasn'tworked very well in the past,but I can promise you,that it will be different this time.I see you,I understand you,better than anyone.You're exhausted,all you need,is the thing I... Continue Reading →

No Escape from Hell: Lament

This is an attempt at writing a lament, a laments is an expression of grief and deep loss and is usually written down but for the purpose of being spoken, sung, or chanted. The Bible contains laments, they are full of grief and don't always resolve, because they are an expression of deep emotion. They... Continue Reading →

Naming and Identity

Names are important to me, I always make sure I know how to spell and pronounce a person's name, because I feel like names are part of a person's identity. When people enter religious communities, they often change their names, and in the Bible, God changed the names of several people to suit their identity... Continue Reading →

Generational Prayer

In the Magnificat, the Virgin Mary says: The Almighty has done great things for me:holy is his Name.He has mercy on those who fear himIn every generation. Things can be passed down from generation to generation. Some of these things are good, and some can be bad. I'm currently renouncing some of the bad and... Continue Reading →

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