Rosary Prayers for Addicts

Earlier this week, I published a set of prayers for use with Anglican rosaries or prayer beads for LGBTQ people specifically, in Earth and Altar magazine. Those prayers were the latest prayers I had written, I have some that I wrote several months ago, that I wrote for addicts. They were the first set of... Continue Reading →

On Being Made Well

There is a story in the Gospel of Mark about a woman who has struggled with sickness for twelve years. As a person who is chronically ill, twelve years of being crook and the doctors not really giving a damn and treating her disrespectfully, is a long fucking time and it takes its toll. The... Continue Reading →

The Cemetery of Life

Cemeteries are places for dead things, specifically and usually, dead people, but in one of the stories in the New Testament, we learn that a particular cemetery was home to a man who was alive but not really. He was alive but not truly living.

The Ghosts of the Past

This started out as a book review of Kealen Patrick Burke's horror novella Jack and Jill. The story is so fucking perverse but it was also a comfort to me. God can speak in many ways, and right now God is speaking through horror stories. For some of us, these horror stories were our lives.... Continue Reading →

Lullabies of Addiction

You end up being subject to a visitation of your own memories and the lies you’ve believed for so long about yourself that they’ve become who you are.

In The Cards

***WARNING*** This is a work of creative nonfiction which means it's a true account of what happened to me and it's a rape story.*** ***DISCLAIMER*** I no longer have the same thoughts about this situation, but this was how I felt at the time. Rape is never a woman's fault. This is a true account... Continue Reading →

Final Embrace

“What’s the point of living near some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, if we don’t actually go to the beach?” Faith asked? “I guess we can go, it’s not like you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing such a beautiful beach, but why go at night?” I asked. “How else will we... Continue Reading →


Incarnation Was a theology word That I wouldn’t understand We say it in church At Christmas Because it sounds fancy And we like fancy things Or so I assumed Immanuel Literally means God with us And if God Is with us Then God Is also With me Sweet baby Jesus Away in a manger Didn’t... Continue Reading →

Beyond Redemption

Right before the beginning of Lent, I read some novels that helped me process some memories. I had always seen myself as an evil person. But as the tears streamed down my face that day, I knelt beside my bed, holding my prayer beads, and I repeated, over and over "you did what you had... Continue Reading →

God is There

I was nineteen years old, homeless, in one of the most beautiful tropical tourist cities in Australia, gateway to beautiful islands and the Great Barrier Reef. Where tourists and locals alike basked in the sunlight either sunbathing or playing volleyball on the gorgeous white sand, grains of sand caught in their tangled, windblown hair, or... Continue Reading →

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