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21 May 2019

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that I love a good vampire story. Not those insipid trade paperback romances that use vampires just to tell a love story from a slightly different angle and might as well be published by Harlequin or Mills and Boone, but the modern young adult vampire stories that explore issues of identity and worth. The time has come for me to tell you my own vampire story in my new book: “Vampire Story: The Epiphany that God Loves You Overcoming the Life-Blood of Shame.”

Using the vampire as a metaphor, “Vampire Story” talks about shame as a vampire stealing my life, and after over three decades of shame later, learning the basic truth that God loves me. One of the questions that the vampire Lestat struggles with in Anne Rice’s “Vampire Chronicles” is if there is any kind of redemption for vampires. Literature aside, my story is a story of redemption, of overcoming that vampire. While Lestat struggles with that question, I can honestly say that my own vampire has been redeemed into a new story of love.

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