Blog Makeover

I have been working on making a lot of changes to my blog now for several months. While everything is still not completed yet, you’ll notice that after all these years I ditched the American N Aussie name for something a little more professional. 🙂

My question for you guys is, what kinds of articles and features would you like to see here? I’m wondering what subjects that I have written about fascinate you, and which subjects you wish I’d retire. I’m also wanting to make some regular features, one will be a “best of blogging” that will be a weekly feature of the best of blogging that I’ve seen around the web.

I hope that you all enjoy the more professional look and feel, and please give me feedback about the changes as well as the upcoming changes to be rolled out. I will probably archive some of my old articles on here, but not all, as I’m going to keep the American N Aussie blog online as an archive at this point.