I used to be somewhat suspicious of people who got involved with home businesses of the type where you purchase a kit and then sell products for the company and they pay you a commission, and there have been some which I have gotten involved in which didn’t work out to well for me. It’s not the kind of thing that I want to make a career out of, but lately I have been looking into some more opportunities, some that would be unique to me and my personality. There are actually a few companies I am looking into taking the plunge with; a big part of it for me is having fun doing something that I enjoy with products that I would use and enjoy. With that in mind I have joined the Jamberry team, because Jamberry fascinates me and I think it is a great idea.

I’ve heard all about not having too many irons in the fire, because I’m also working on my book The Girl With the Grace Tattoo which I am going to keep working on until it is as amazing as I want it to be, but the thing is that there is nothing wrong with having your income coming in from several sources, in fact it could be a darn good idea. I’m not getting involved in lots of different things because I’m unable to commit to one certain thing, I’m trying to make money and enjoy doing it. I enjoy being able to sell products that I enjoy, especially if, in the case of my book, those products happen to be mine.

I’ve been chasing a traditional career for a long time now, and while I would like one of those the reality is that with three out of four of my children having special needs, and one of those three having major special needs, and being a single mom, that really isn’t a realistic goal. So here I am, almost thirty years old, continuing my education so that I can pursue a Ph.D., writing a book when many have told me not to bother because that doesn’t make a living, getting involved with selling products that I like and use, volunteering with skills I went to college for, and doing the mom thing. It’s a fast-paced life but I enjoy that aspect of it. I want to be a professional, but I want to pursue my own interests. So far God hasn’t provided me with a traditional career, maybe that’s not his plan and maybe it is one day, but right now it is not.

My book is my most important project; it’s the one I’m the most personally invested in and the one that means the most to me. Even if I didn’t do any of these other things, I would still keep working on the book. It’s the thing that truly makes me come alive, it’s the talent that God has given to me and I’m not going to go bury it like those dudes in Jesus’ parable. But God has also given me other talents and other interests and I guess it is time to see where they go.