Sometimes when I am struggling, memories of my past and who I was come flooding back to me. It makes me feel bad about myself, but that is because I am letting the devil decide who I am. It is the devil that tells me that I am a liar, a thief, worthless, stupid, a mistake and many other things I am not going to share. Often it is easy to listen to him and let him define me, but I realize that the devil is the father of lies, and that there is no truth in him. I often forget that when I am tempted to take on my old identity.

When Jesus came into my life, he washed my sins away, took them away as far as the east is from the west, which means that he has no intention of bringing them back up again and that he doesn’t see me for who I was. The thing is, Jesus changed my entire identity, and he says that I am not defined by the lies I told or the things I stole. He says that I am precious, smart, and intentionally created.

So when those old temptations and those old accusations come knocking, usually when life gets tough, I need to remind myself and the devil that he does not define me. He also has never done one worthwhile thing in my life while Jesus has done everything. I am a different person now, and the reason that I am different is Jesus. It’s all about him.