Incarnation Was a theology word That I wouldn’t understand We say it in church At Christmas Because it sounds fancy And we like fancy things Or so I assumed Immanuel Literally means God with us And if God Is with us Then God Is also With me Sweet baby Jesus Away in a manger Didn’t... Continue Reading →

Beyond Redemption

Right before the beginning of Lent, I read some novels that helped me process some memories. I had always seen myself as an evil person. But as the tears streamed down my face that day, I knelt beside my bed, holding my prayer beads, and I repeated, over and over "you did what you had... Continue Reading →


(This poem is part of a series about what home means) America Is the fucking promised land According to The fundamentalists But instead of Flowing With milk And honey It overflows With “good” (horny) Fundamentalist men Waiting For their pure virgins So they can screw The first woman That gives them Attention Australia Is full... Continue Reading →


(This poem is part of a series about what home means) Have you ever Climbed into a dumpster Behind the Hungry Jack’s In search Of discarded But still warm Hamburgers? They taste Pretty damn good When you’re hungry Go home The social workers say But where the fuck Is home? My parent’s house? Where I... Continue Reading →

Mary Magdalene’s Demons

I thought I could do it on my own That if I just tried really hard I could get rid of the demons That have tormented me The demon of addiction came To possess and control me Moving from one addictive behavior To the next Trying to block out A lifetime of trauma But demons... Continue Reading →

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