Mark Driscoll and the Presidential Inauguration

So on the day of the presidential inauguration, Christian celebrity Mark Driscoll decides it’s a good and relevant time to insult the president and cast doubts on his Christianity. Mark Driscoll apparently said: “praying for our president who will today place his hand on a Bible he does not believe and give an oath to a God he does not know.” While the USA allows Mark Driscoll to say anything he wants to, it bothers me for several reasons.

First of all, the president claims to be a Christian, and so I think that we ought to believe him when he says that, after all we have no reason not to. The second point is that just because Obama’s beliefs go against the beliefs of some of the more conservative Christians, it doesn’t mean that those Christians are right. Is it not possible that on some of the things in which Driscoll and Obama disagree may be things that Driscoll is wrong on? I’m not naïve enough to believe that Obama is right all the time; I just believe that his policies line up more with Christianity than Romney did. I’m not naïve enough to think that the president is a perfect Christian, because none of us. That means that he makes his mistakes like the rest of us and that, unlike most of us, his mistakes are made public for the whole world to see.

I see conservatives fight for causes like keeping the Ten Commandments in courtrooms, and yet I see those same conservatives break one of the Ten Commandments, particularly the one that tells us not to bear false witness. What Driscoll said bears false witness against Obama. If we want to keep the Ten Commandments in public places, we should probably be living them out so as not to appear hypocritical. I’m glad that Driscoll is praying for Obama, because Obama needs the prayer with the position he’s in. But even so, I’m sure that Obama would appreciate the prayers of others even if he wasn’t president, it’s one way that Christians can support each other.

Instead of trying to tear down his brother, perhaps Driscoll should continue to pray for the president, and remember that he is in fact his brother.