Despite the many cold snaps this year in which we have had snow in Mississippi, of all places, I still hold out hope that the weather will catch up the calendar and realize that it is spring. It’s been a long winter, and it is interesting that I happened to be going through a physical and spiritual winter at the same time. So many dreams and hopes died this past spiritual winter for me, the hope of a “normal” family, the hope of a beautiful marriage that would last forever, the hope of having a great career where I would be highly respected for my abilities, the hope of being able to do things that normal people can do without any physical limitations. None of those things are going to be a reality for me, and so they died off and now it is time for the spring to come.

Spring, a season of beauty, of refreshment, new life, new beginnings; spring is when we see that which has been buried begin to sprout and grow, and it is a wonderful thing. This is usually a season where temperatures are more comfortable rather than extremely hot or extremely cold. It’s a time of resurrection, where all those broken hopes and dreams can be transformed by God into something far more worthwhile. The winter is past, my broken family and broken relationships can be healed and renewed, and for that I am so thankful. Not only can they be revived and renewed but God can use the things that were purged and that died off in the winter to create something so much more beautiful.

The element air is associated with spring, the nice clear days, the beautiful smelling air we breathe in to keep us alive, the soft breeze whispering through the woods, winds of change and renewal. We have part of all four of the elements in us, but it is air that gives us our very lives, it is air that gives us our voice. Air blows in several directions, sometimes at once, and many times lately I have had to stand against where the wind was trying to blow me, trying to turn me against the God I love. Sometimes the air pressure changes and creates a hurricane, which comes in and destroys everything in its path. For being an invisible element, it’s obvious that it has great power.

It is air that God used to make us alive. He formed humanity out of the earth, carefully crafting us individually just the way he wanted us. Then he got face to face with his creation and breathed air into us, making us alive. There was a model, but there was no life until the breath of God created it. Physical life and breath go hand in hand for humanity, without one, we cannot have the other.

I’m looking forward to the beautiful fresh spring air, hoping that it will infuse me with life and refreshment. I thank God for the spring, both the actual physical season and the season that he allows in my life. I thank God for the element associated with spring, air, for its unpredictable nature, and its ability to sustain life.