(This poem is part of a series about what home means) Have you ever Climbed into a dumpster Behind the Hungry Jack’s In search Of discarded But still warm Hamburgers? They taste Pretty damn good When you’re hungry Go home The social workers say But where the fuck Is home? My parent’s house? Where I... Continue Reading →

Vampire Reign of Terror

I was a baby when the vampires first came To suck the lifeblood Out of my little body I didn’t know love But I did know shame And those vampires of shame Wanted my blood Dirty Rotten Filthy Sinner Those words Engraved into my soul Before I even knew How to use the toilet Those... Continue Reading →

Seeing in the Dark

In the beginning was God,And shortly thereafter came the monsters.But God has always been there.When the terror first came,When I was an infant,God was there.When the monsters were my only friends,God was there.God is love.I have always loved God,I have always craved God’s love,Without realizing that God already loved me.I spent my life with the... Continue Reading →

Recovery and Identity

As I have committed to radically pursuing healing, I have had to do a lot of soul work. I have attempted the twelve steps before, with differing levels of success. A few weeks ago, a friend and I went to spend some time in the stillness and quietness of a local wildlife park. As we... Continue Reading →

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