Creative Nonfiction

As a creative nonfiction writer I write about mostly about spirituality and my journey with God. I’m not a good Christian woman and as I told one of my priests when I met her, I’m not a valuable asset to the church and definitely not a nice church lady because I’m rough around the edges and I curse too much.

I would like to think that my creative nonfiction will appeal to readers of Rachel Held Evans, and Nadia Bolz-Weber. Some of the major creative nonfiction authors that have had a major influence on my own work have been Eliese Colette Goldbach, Fiona Horne, Sue Hertz.

I do not shy away from explicit topics and four letter words that offend nice church ladies. I prefer to write authentically to tell my stories.

Finding My People: My Journey to and in the Episcopal Church

I Believe in God: How the Eucharist Brought me Back to God

Fundamentalist Kink: A Primer on Stealing Your Child’s Innocence

The Sexual Awakening of the Fundamentalist Virgin

Jesus Saves, Many Times Over

Confession, or “Shame is a Bitch”

Some of these articles contain sexually explicit themes which may be offensive to some readers.


Although I prefer to write creative nonfiction essays, I am also able to write web content for brands that I can be passionate about. My unique voice comes out in my copy writing just like it does with my creative nonfiction.

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