Prayer Beads

These are my “recovery” beads that I use for prayers relating to addiction recovery especially if I feel like throwing in the towel with recovery.

Prayer beads are one of my favorite spiritual tools ever and I use them almost every day. I have been known to wrap them around my wrist when I’m going into a situation that will cause anxiety, or to clutch the crucifix on the beads if I’m too upset or scared to pray actual words. I also write prayers to use with the beads. They have been one of the things most beneficial to my individual spirituality. I will perhaps be posting some YouTube videos on using prayer beads in the future as there has been interest in some sort of prayer bead seminars.

This is a set of beads I created with a crucifix that has a depiction of the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

I have many sets of prayer beads for sale and can ship them currently within the United States only. The process of making these rosaries is very meditative, and is done with great care.

This hot mess is what my nightstand looks like when I’ve been having PTSD nightmares and so, just like my youngest daughter titles all her paintings, this photo is called “Lord, have mercy.”

Here is a link to some great prayer bead prayers (yes, I’m aware it doesn’t work yet, this is merely a placeholder).

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