Prayer Beads

These are my “recovery” beads that I use for prayers relating to addiction recovery especially if I feel like throwing in the towel with recovery.

Prayer beads are one of my favorite spiritual tools ever and I use them almost every day. I have been known to wrap them around my wrist when I’m going into a situation that will cause anxiety, or to clutch the crucifix on the beads if I’m too upset or scared to pray actual words. I also write prayers to use with the beads. They have been one of the things most beneficial to my individual spirituality. Here is an introductory video that I made for how to pray Anglican prayer beads.

This is a set of beads I created with a crucifix that has a depiction of the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Here is a link to some great prayer bead prayers (yes, I’m aware it doesn’t work yet, this is merely a placeholder).

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